Blue Needle is born!

After 3 days spent in the famous Choke studio, printing and printing and printing, I finally have a completed edition. I love the way the blues all turned out, and the addition of the brown tones have kept it from getting too cold. I am going to call this print "Blue Needle". I've been thinking that I need more evocative names than I've used in the past, and added to that is the great likelihood that I will do another portrait of the Space Needle before too long - after all, what's an image of Seattle without the Needle?

Blue Needle was printed in 6 colors (3 blues, 2 browns and black), on a Cream colored Stonehenge cotton rag paper. I've found that using the cream colored paper also help to keep the blues from going to cold on me, yet since the cream is an underlying tone to the entire piece, the colors all hold together and the blues still read as blue. This was done in record time - 1 week from concept to completion. But a very long week it's been. Since I took the week of of work, I was able to focus a lot of time on this print. I believe all-told I've spend 30 hours working on this one.